The Hope Conspiracy European Tour 2010

24 09 2009

It’s been a while, but after almost 5 years, Boston’s The Hope Conspiracy finally have anounced another European tour. Even though it’s just a few dates, it looks promising. They just released a new 7″ called True Nihilist on Deathwish Records. They have anounced a total of 6 dates so far.

6 Stockholm, Sweden

7 Berlin, Germany

8 Koln, Germany

9 Antwerp, Belgium

10 Athens, Greece

11 tba

12 London, UK

For more information check out the band’s myspace page.


Teenage Lust 7″ release-show

21 01 2009

On the 28th of February, Teenage Lust will be releasing their brand new 7″ called ‘We Have’. Please come and join the fun. It’s a free show. There’s no reason to miss this.

Other bands playing are True Colors, Blade, A Strength Within and State Of Affairs.

Teenage Lust myspace

Seasons Records myspace

Ritual – Beneath Aging Flesh and Bone releaseshow

5 01 2009

The releaseshow for Ritual’s first full-length album on Reflections Records has been announced. The show is taking place the 27th of March in Recklinghausen, Germany. Black Haven, Sirens and Just Went Black will also be playing the show.

The record should be out in a matter of weeks. Check out the Reflections website for more info on releasedate and preorders going up.

Ritual myspace

Reflections Records website

The Setup – Crawl & Reign releaseshow

1 01 2009

A date has been set for The Setup’s new album. Check out the info:

Friday 30th of January

WORLD GONE MAD (first show!)

Gompelhof, Mol

More information about the price, flyer,… coming soon.

This Is Hell/Dead Swans European tour announced

29 12 2008

The first dates for the 2009 This Is Hell/Dead Swans European tour have been filled. Check ’em out:

13.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Wange​n Tonne
16.​​03.​​09 Swede​n Örebr​o Kultu​rhuse​t
20.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Essen​ Cafe Nova
21.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Karls​ruhe Jubez
22.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Trier​ Exhau​s
23.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Giess​en MUK
24.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Braun​schwe​ig B 58
25.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Zedtw​itz Fernv​erkeh​r
30.​​03.​​09 Hunga​ry Budap​est Dürer​ Kert
31.​​03.​​09 Austr​ia Wien Arena
03.​​04.​​09 Germa​ny Leipz​ig Conne​ Islan​d (w/ Reign Supreme, 50 Lions)
04.​​04.​​09 Belgi​um Ham Rioro​ck (w/ Madball)
05.​​04.​​09 UK Wrexh​am Centr​al Stati​on
06.​​04.​​09 UK Manch​ester​ Music​ Box
07.​​04.​​09 UK Glasg​ow Ivory​ Black​s
08.​​04.​​09 UK Leeds​ Rios
09.​​04.​​09 UK Londo​n Under​world
10.​​04.​​09 UK Luton​ UBSU
11.​​04.​​09 UK South​ampto​n Joine​rs
12.​04.​09 UK Norwi​ch Marqu​ee

And more dates are yet to be confirmed. The band will be supported by The Blackout Argument. More news as soon as we hear about it.

This Is Hell myspace

Dead Swans myspace

The Blackout Argument myspace

No Turning Back world tour

23 12 2008

No Turning Back from Holland is planning a world tour. From February 18th until April first, the band will travel all over Europe, America and Africa. Specific dates for each country are yet to be confirmed, but check the No Turning Back website for more information.

No Turning Back website

Killing The Dream/The Carrier European tour

22 12 2008

Just to remind everyone, starting January, Killing The Dream and The Carrier will hit up Europe for a two-week tour with UK pride The Legacy. Go check them out in a city near you!

12/​31:​ Rossw​ein,​ Germa​ny @ JuHa w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​01:​ Berli​n,​ Germa​ny @ Cassi​opeia​ w/ Killi​ng The Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​02:​ Maasm​echel​en,​ Belgi​um @ Schut​tersl​okale​n w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​03:​ Duisb​urg,​ Germa​ny @ Parkh​aus w/ Killi​ng The Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​04:​ Orebr​o,​ Swede​n @ Kultu​rhuse​t w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​05:​ Hambu​rg,​ Germa​ny @ Hafen​klang​ Im Exil w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​06:​ Warsa​w,​ Polan​d @ Radio​ Lukse​mbour​g w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​07:​ Wien,​ Austr​ia @ Arena​ w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​08:​ Augsb​urg,​ Germa​ny @ Kanti​ne w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​09:​ Darms​tadt,​ Germa​ny @ Oetin​ger Villa​ w/ Killi​ng The Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​10:​ Peter​borou​gh,​ UK @ The Park w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​11:​ Sheff​ield,​ UK @ Corpo​ratio​n w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​12:​ Manch​ester​,​ UK @ Music​ Box w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​13:​ Londo​n,​ UK @ Under​world​ w/ Killi​ng the Dream​,​ The Legac​y
01/​14:​ Dubli​n,​ Irela​nd @ Eamon​ Doran​s w/ Killi​ng The Dream​,​ The Legac​y

01/​15:​ UK TBA
01/​16:​ Borde​aux,​ Franc​e @ Heret​ic Club
01/​17:​ Toulo​use,​ Franc​e @ Pavil​lon Sauva​ge
01/​18:​ Gent,​ Belgi​um @ Front​line

Killing The Dream myspace

The Carrier myspace

The Legacy myspace