Bouncing Souls new album

17 01 2009

Infamous New Jersey punkrockband, the Bouncing Souls, are currenty working on a brand new album. Here is the official statement:

Hi everyone, the songs are coming out awesome, better even than our own expectations, and we’re STOKED! We tracked all the drums and bass at the Magic Shop in NYC, and have since been passing the days in Kate’s basement (a.k.a. “Little Eden Studios” ) here in Asbury Park NJ. Most of the guitars are done and some of the vocals so far. Stay tuned right here for more info on the 2009 release of these 12 new badass Souls tunes to keep your soul satisfied.”

More information about artwork, a specific releasedate etc. is yet to be confirmend. But as soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.

Bouncing Souls website


Painted Hills EP preview

15 01 2009

Painted Hills posted their new EP, entitled Magnolia, on myspace. Until next week you’ll be able to listen to all four songs on there. Then it will be taken offline until the record is actually released. So be quick! You might remember us posting about this a while back (search for Jon Owen), this is the band. Go check it out if you like folk/country music. It’s good, and they don’t wear cowboyhats.

Painted Hills myspace

Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique remix

8 01 2009

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beastie Boys’ legendary album Paul’s Boutique, they are releasing a remix of the album. No details have been announced yet, but you can sign up to a newsletter that will send you more information when there is more. Just check out the Beastie Boys website for more details.
Beastie Boys website

New Found Glory new song

8 01 2009

New Found Glory posted a new song on their myspace-page. The song Listen To Your Friends is the first song they posted that will be featured on the band’s new album called ‘Not Without A Fight’. The album is being released on Bridge 9 Records and should be available by March 10th.  You can preorder the album through the band’s myspace.

New Found Glory myspace

Bridge 9 Records website

Teenage Lust – Fuck repress

5 01 2009

Dutch label Brainwreck Records is releasing a repress of the Teenage Lust – Fuck tape. This Belgian band has been drawing attention to themselves for the past few year, playing shows all over Europe. Their tapes ‘sell’ out in no time, so if you missed it, here’s your chance to still pick one up. The repress of the tape also includes the first demo, so there’s no reason not to buy it.

Teenage Lust will be releasing a 7″ on Seasons Records very soon. Expect news about that in the next few months or so. For now pick up the tape and tell your friends you were into this band before the hype.

Teenage Lust myspace

Brainwreck Records

Title Fight recording video

4 01 2009

Title Fight is working on the recordings of their new 7″. They just posted a video of themselves in the studio. You can check it out here.

The new 7″/EP will be released on Run For Cover Records sometime soon, so keep an eye out because this band is good.

Title Fight myspace

Run For Cover Records website

AmenRa – Mass IIII 2xLP preorders

3 01 2009

Finally it’s here. The long awaited vinyl release of AmenRa’s new album, MASS IIII. Hypertension Records has announced the preorders for this album. Starting January 5th, the label will take preorders. These will feature a number of special extra’s such as a special version of Terziele, stickers and other goodies. The release will be limited to 750 copies. For more information, check out the Hypertension website.

AmenRa myspace

Hypertension Records website