Bridge 9 Records signs Dead Swans

24 01 2009

UK hardcoreband Dead Swans signed to Bridge  9 Records. This confirms a longtime rumor and we couldn’t be happier for them. This means a full-length album is in the works and hopefully will be out soon.

Bridge Nine has announced yet another signing for 2009 and this time, they went across the pond and signed up the Dead Swans from the UK for the label’s first ever worldwide deal with a band from overseas. Label Manager Karl Hensel said, “It’s been a goal of ours to work with a band from overseas for a long time. Bridge Nine is a global label, and there’s a lot of great hardcore from the UK and Europe and we recognize that. Dead Swans was a band that a few Bridge Nine bands tipped us off about, and after checking around, it was a very easy decision.”

Formed in 2006, Dead Swans have been making a name throughout the UK and Europe with a ferocious blend of hardcore that takes the musical influence from turn of the century Boston hardcore like American Nightmare and Right Brigade. They add a discordant melody and double bass metallic edge that, when combined with vocalist Nick Worthington’s strained voicebox abuse, creates a mix that has been garnering the Brighton, UK band global attention. As such, they have shared the stage and the road with a very impressive list of bands worldwide-from Bridge Nine’s Ruiner and Verse to Blacklisted, Integrity, Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats, and Gallows.

Dead Swans have been enjoying an incredible past 12 months, considering all they’ve released to date is a demo, the Southern Blue EP on Thirty Days Of Night, and a split 7” with Architects. In fall of 2008, the Dead Swans were nominated for a Kerrang! Award as the Best British Newcomer-which was both as surprising as it was flattering. As guitarist Stewart “Pid” Payne stated, “It was real strange- a hardcore band being shortlisted at Kerrang! Awards, but we went for the experience. We got to hang out with the guys in Cancer Bats and Gallows, we got to meet Metallica and we heckled abuse at anyone we felt deserved it. It was a night we won’t be forgetting soon”.

During March and April, the band will be touring the UK and Europe with This Is Hell and the Blackout Argument that will lead them into April, when the band will be entering the studio to record their debut full-length which will hit stores later in 2009. Payne stated, “We are real happy about signing to Bridge Nine. We all want to travel worldwide with this band and working with B9 is going to allow us to do this. On top of that, being part of a label that in our opinion has put out some of the best hardcore records ever is exciting!”

Dead Swans myspace

Bridge 9 Records website




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