Retrospective #3: Undeclinable Ambuscade (part 2)

7 01 2009

Last retrospective, I talked about an album that changed my life. That album was Their Greatest Adventures by Undeclinable Ambuscade. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you read that one before reading this. You can check it out here.

As soon as I caught wind of Undeclinable Ambuscade’s second album, entitled One For The Money, I searched everywhere online for more information about it. Because nobody trusted online shopping back then, it was pretty much impossible for me to get a hold of One For The Money. The CD was this big mystery to me, until one of my friends at the skatepark told me something I hadn’t noticed. Around that time, my friends and I were huge fans of the Punk-O-Rama CD’s Epitaph put out. They were cheap as fuck, they had 20 songs and above all, they had the word “punk” on them. Nothing more punk than that, right? Anyways, I think I picked in on Punk-O-Rama when #5 was released. Then I just bought a random one whenever I would encounter it. So one day my friend asks me if I had checked out Punk-O-Rama #3 yet. I told him I hadn’t and he let me borrow it. I popped it in and while checking the booklet  I was stunned. Undeclinable Ambuscade was on there… And with a song I had never heard before!

7 Years was a song that was also on One For The Money. I was stoked. Finally I heard the first sounds of One For The Money, and boy was it good. The song was just as fast and melodic as the ones on Their Greatest Adventures… But hold on… What’s that? A girl singing? A punkrockband with a GIRL singing along??? My 16-year-old mind was blown. Apparently some girl named Aline Bruyns sang with Jasper on that song. She’s in some shitty nu-metal band right now, so yeah, let’s just forget about that. I can’t believe you can go from singing on one of Undeclinable Ambuscade’s best songs to singing in a shitty Limp Bizkit ripoff. And come on, look at her. She’s not even hot.

But what matters is that song. 7 Years got me so stoked for the band’s latest album I had to have it. The next time I went to my local recordstore and bought it. Once again, the artwork was ugly as sin, but that didn’t matter to me. This band was about to blow me away again for the billionth time. I payed for the record, rushed home and put it on. One For The Money starts of with Singe ’92, a song which pretty much sets the tone for the record and atmosphere. The record is just one big ‘fuck you’ to anyone that claimed Undeclinable Ambuscade wasn’t punk anymore. I loved it. I’ve always loved the underdogs, as I felt like one myself. I was a punkrock skateboarder, not exactly the most popular thing at the time. Girls wouldn’t even look at me twice. Every song on the album was great. I even liked the slower ones. And there were slow ones. You could notice the band experimenting with a different kind of songs. Songs like Walking On Air were much slower than the ones on Their Greatest Adventures, but they were still really good. Actually, walking on air might be one of my favorite UA songs ’til this day. This was odd because up until that point I ony liked hard and fast music. This kind of songs was anything but that, but still it blew me away. But what amazed me the most was the last song.

The very last song on One For The Money is called History Forgot About Me. It’s a song about a prince travels around the world slaying dragons. The prince is looking for a princess but he can’t seem to find one. After his travels, he returns home to become king, without a queen. Basicly, the song says that you could do all the shit you want, try to be as much of a ‘hero’ as you want, without a good girl by your side, your life sucks.

Now it wasn’t so much the lyrics that appealed to me as it was the music. The song starts of with this awesome bass-intro. That intro/song alone is responsible for me buying a bass. I fell in love with the sound of a bass after hearing that song. I can’t explain it, you just have to hear it. One of the first things I learned on bass was the intro to History Forgot About Me, and to this day I still know how to play it. This song just made the entire album for me. Don’t get me wrong, One For The Money is a great, great, great punkrock record, but this song just set it apart for me. I think I might like One For The Money more than Their Greatest Adventures.

I was still enjoying One For The Money when I picked up the latest Punk-O-Rama (at that time). It was #6. While checking out some new tunes (among which Deviates which I talked about in the first Retrospective) I noticed a band called ‘Undeclinable’ on the Punk-O-Rama. This struck me odd, because that would be much too similar to Undeclinable Ambuscade. I put on the song to see what was up, and it was this slow poppy punkrocksong. I figured it must be some other band but boy was I wrong. I looked up the band, and saw they had the same logo and the same guys in the band… Apparently they changed their name and were coming out with a brand new album…

Undeclinable Ambuscade – One For The Money released on Epitaph Records in 1998




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7 01 2009

Best album out of The Netherlands? Probably one of the best anyway!

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