Retrospective #2: Undeclinable Ambuscade (part 1)

1 01 2009

The next three Retrospectives will all be about the same band. They released three albums, back to back, which all were good in their own way, so I decided to give you a rundown on all of them, starting with the first one: Their Greatest Adventures.

The first time I held this CD in my hands I didn’t really think anything good of it. I mean come on, look at that cover. Is that the definition of ‘ugliest artwork ever’ or what? It’s not even funny in an ironic way, it’s just stupid. And it’s so cliché too. I mean look at it, the cover says ‘punk’ and then there’s a broken accoustic guitar above it. And one of the guys is throwing up the horns… ROCK ON DUDE! But I have to admit, it stood out. Maybe that was the point… “We’ll just make this look as ugly as possible so people will notice.” There’s no such thing as bad publicity I guess. Anyways, after my initial shock I went over to the counter of my local recordstore and asked the guy working there if I could have a listen…

This CD was recommended to me by the kid that lived (and still lives) next to me. We were both just getting into punk and hardcore, and we were looking for the fastest bands around. He told me about this band that was so fast you wouldn’t believe it. And boy he wasn’t kidding. As soon as the clerk  popped in the CD, I was floored. This band was fast… And above all, they were fucking good! The first 5 songs of the album just blew by. I was so amazed at the intensity of this band. They were fast, but melodic. They were agressive, but at the same time the singer kept everything in check by his singing. He really sang, he wasn’t just screaming. The combination of this al just worked. It was so good. All of a sudden the entire mood of the album changed. Things slowed down and this next song started off sounding like a tribal-song… I flipped over the CD and looked for the song playing. ‘African Song’. Well, I gotta be honest, I can’t think of a better way to describe this song. ‘Til this day I still remember it. I even catch myself playing it on guitar every now and then. It’s basicly a song that sounds like an African tribe is playing it, and then it just burst into a fast punkrocksong.

As I was thinking about the sheer awesomeness of this song, it just raced past me and the album picked up speed again. I glanced over the backside of the CD to see what else was on there and suddenly I saw the word ‘Snowboard’. Holy shit. These guys have a song about snowboarding. How fucking cool is that?! At the time my life consisted of two things: listening to fast music and skateboarding. Every summer my friends and I would skate all day every day. And when we weren’t, we’d be reading Trasher or watching skatevideos. So you can imagine how stoked I was to see a band play songs about snowboarding. It’s not really skateboarding, but it’s the next best thing, right?Anyways, that’s when I was pretty much sold for this band. I bought the CD and on the way home I popped it in my discman and just enjoyed the awesomeness that is “Their Greatest Adventures”.

When i got home I started looking up some information about the band. I discovered they were from Holland. Once again, my mind was blown. A band this good was from a city only a few hours away from where I lived. To me that was just incredible. It obviously didn’t take a lot to amaze me back then. Anyways, this gave me some kind of bond with the band. I was proud to be from Europe, because Undeclinable Ambuscade proved it’s not just the Bay-area punkbands that are good. Undeclinable Ambuscade started in this cold European country and then got on Epitaph Records. That’s gotta count for somehint, right?

To me, Undeclinable Ambuscade was about as punk rock as you could get. They wore baggy pants, Vans and loved skateboarding and snowboarding. That’s pretty much all I wanted in a band. Just look at that picture. It’s the band ‘peeing’ against a ferrari. Now tell me, what’s more punk rock than pissing on another guy’s car, let alone another guy’s $100,000 car? To me that summarized what the band was about. The picture awesome, and so is the band.

Now, Their Greatest Adventures was released in 1997. Everything I just described took place in 2000 or maybe 2001 I think. As I was reading some interviews with the band, I noticed they talked about this other album they had released. Hold on a minute… This band has other albums? I searched the internet for more information about this ‘other record’, and sure enough, about a year after Their Greatest Adventures was released, they put out another album called One For The Money. But that’s something for part 2 of this retrospective…

Undeclinable Ambuscade – Their Greatest Adventures released on Epitaph Records in 1997.




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7 01 2009
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