This Is Hell/Dead Swans European tour announced

29 12 2008

The first dates for the 2009 This Is Hell/Dead Swans European tour have been filled. Check ’em out:

13.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Wange​n Tonne
16.​​03.​​09 Swede​n Örebr​o Kultu​rhuse​t
20.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Essen​ Cafe Nova
21.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Karls​ruhe Jubez
22.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Trier​ Exhau​s
23.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Giess​en MUK
24.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Braun​schwe​ig B 58
25.​​03.​​09 Germa​ny Zedtw​itz Fernv​erkeh​r
30.​​03.​​09 Hunga​ry Budap​est Dürer​ Kert
31.​​03.​​09 Austr​ia Wien Arena
03.​​04.​​09 Germa​ny Leipz​ig Conne​ Islan​d (w/ Reign Supreme, 50 Lions)
04.​​04.​​09 Belgi​um Ham Rioro​ck (w/ Madball)
05.​​04.​​09 UK Wrexh​am Centr​al Stati​on
06.​​04.​​09 UK Manch​ester​ Music​ Box
07.​​04.​​09 UK Glasg​ow Ivory​ Black​s
08.​​04.​​09 UK Leeds​ Rios
09.​​04.​​09 UK Londo​n Under​world
10.​​04.​​09 UK Luton​ UBSU
11.​​04.​​09 UK South​ampto​n Joine​rs
12.​04.​09 UK Norwi​ch Marqu​ee

And more dates are yet to be confirmed. The band will be supported by The Blackout Argument. More news as soon as we hear about it.

This Is Hell myspace

Dead Swans myspace

The Blackout Argument myspace




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