NunsGoRiot interview

3 08 2008

There are bands that you like from the first time you hear them and there are bands that have to grow on you. You have to abandon your own prejudice and learn to appreciate all the small details that you didn’t pick during your first encounter. NunsGoRiot is one of those bands that I wasn’t into from day one. But with every show they did, my appreciation grew bigger and with their latest effort “Damaged Guts” they’ve truly pulled me in. So I thought it was a good time to contact Lieb and see what he had to say!


For those who don’t know anything about NunsGoRiot, could you explain who you guys are and what this band is about? How did you come together and what made you decide to do this band?
We started out, two years ago with Corre on bass, Jacobs on drums and me on guitar and vocals. Jacobs and I were in Cornflames together and when we did our last show, I already had some music written for what was to become NGR. So it was easy to get started. I loved playing in Cornflames, but I wanted to write some other stuff, something completely different. Another reason why I wanted to start NGR was that we were just hanging in there with Cornflames. I felt we didn’t have the same drive we used to. So I wanted to start from scratch. It’s not always easy, but it’s cool.
After some time, I left my guitar to Jakke, to put my full energy in vocals. Then, Jacobs left us and was replaced by Theunis. This is our line up now, and we’re pleased with it!

How did Jacobs departure affect the band?
It was though. We knew each other’s abilities so well. When I write a new song, I’ve got some drums in my head as well, and with Kristof it was so easy to explain and get it done. A different language. It was sad to see him go.
We’re just so lucky we found Theunis. Couldn’t be better really. He’s up to it!

Why did you decide to part from your guitar and be a full on front man?
It was a strange thing to happen, because I’ve played the guitar and did vocals from the first moment I played in a band. Now with Nuns, it just became too much. I couldn’t focus on my guitar and get psyched on vocals. I needed to put all of my energy in one of the two jobs. It was hard in the beginning but it was the right thing to do. Jakke has been a friend for a long time, and I knew he would fit in.
I’m still writing the songs and lyrics, and I can write stuff now without thinking about vocals. It’s full on!

The Nuns seems to have a sound that is quite unique in the current hardcore scene. Was it a deliberate choice to do something different from what we get to see and hear every weekend and do you consider it to be an advantage?
Well, we didn’t want to be different from anyone. It’s just maybe we didn’t want to be “this or that” kinda band, we just don’t care.
The sound had to be raw and pure in a punk kinda way.
We listen to older stuff and take it with us in our songs, still … we want to sound fresh!
And yeah, I think it’s an advantage. The people who like it, won’t leave us. They like us for who we are, what we do. That’s cool.

Whenever I see you guys play you always seem to have a shitload of stomp boxes in front of you. Can you tell us something about the gear you’re using?
It’s just that Jakke plays on my gear, and he had some stuff too and he put it in there. Just some delays, RAT, Tube screamer. Vintage stuff. yeah!

You guys have been active for over 2 years. How have things developed for you guys up ‘til now? How have the reactions been so far?
Can’t complain. We’re not focused on getting things done, but it’s going well. We released a four song ep on Seasons Records called “Damaged Guts” just last week, and we’re stoked about that!

Tell us something about the record. How did the writing process go?
Like I said, it’s been some time since I wrote those songs.
For me the lyrics and vocals are the hardest. I’m not easily satisfied when it comes to lyrics.
We recorded at Studio 195 with Patrick Delabie and that guy is a punk genius! We had a great time and I don’t want to go anywhere else next time we’re recording. Thanks again Pat!

Why did you decide to collaborate with Seasons?
We’ve known these guys for a long time. We never questioned our choice. They’re helping us out in any way, and we feel grateful to be on Seasons. I’m sure they’ll have some cool bands to come

Are there any plans in the making to tour this record?
Not in the near future, but someday maybe. We’re playing loads of shows in Belgium nowadays to promote the release.

What does the future hold for NunsGoRiot?
We’ve got some cool shows in the near future, we’re looking forward to that. Maybe do some shows abroad.
We’re writing some new songs so hopefully we’ll be able to record a full length some time.

Thanx for the interview and keep the riots going!

The Pictures were taken of the Nuns myspace and all credits go to the owners.
NunsGoRiot : Damaged Guts out now on Seasons Records!!!!!




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