Deathcycle – Prelude To Tyranny and Lifeline Records update

3 07 2008

Lifeline Records posted an update about the upcoming Deathcycle record, called “Prelude To Tyranny”. According to Lifeline Records, the CD-version is being made at this moment and the vinyl has been sent to the factory to get plated. The record should be finished really soon. For now, here’s a little peek at the artwork for the record.

You can listen to a couple of new Deathcycle songs on the band’s myspace.

Deathcycle myspace

In other news, Lifeline Records mentioned that they have a bunch of leftover Modern Life Is War final show shirts. Check out the Lifeline webstore to order one. And furthermore, Lifeline Records announced the release of the Disnihil 7″, you can listen to the band’s new songs on their myspace page.

Lifeline Records website




One response

13 07 2009

I just did a review of their self titled album today. I really enjoyed it. It has been far too long since I’ve been able to listen to a good snotty crusty punk rock album (far too long!) and it was just a fluke that I picked it up.

I’ll have to get a chance to check out prelude to tyranny in the next few weeks as long as the local record store still has it by then.

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