6131 Records news (Pressure, Down To Nothing,…)

16 06 2008

6131 records announced a whole bunch of new releases, here’s a small sum-up:

Down To Nothing/50 Lions split 7″. The covers for the record are in, so preorders will be shipped shortly. This record is also available on CD format, so there’s something for everybody. 50 Lions is currently in Europe, touring with Meltdown and Bitter End

Down To Nothing myspace

50 Lions myspace

Pressure/Colin Of Arabia split 7″. All preorders for this record have shipped, so everyone that ordered should receive one very soon. You can still order some copies from 6131 records, so if you were sleeping, there’s still a chance to get a 7″.

Pressure myspace

Colin Of Arabia myspace

Swamp Thing also announced that they will be recording their LP for 6131 Records really soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Swamp Thing myspace

The pre-orders for the Alpha & Omega 7″ will start very soon. The 7″ will include the remixed demo and two brand new songs. They’ll be hitting up the US this summer, playing Sound And Fury, This Is Hardcore and a West Coast tour with Rise And Fall.

Alpha & Omega myspace

So that’s a whole bunch of news. You can always check out more stuff on 6131 Records or order stuff they put out on their website.

6131 Records website




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