Fireworks/This Time Next Year 7″ preorders delayed & tour announced

7 06 2008

“Unfortunately the pressing plant we are using for the Fireworks vinyl has been giving us the run around lately (as well as a few labels run by people we are friends with). About three weeks after the Fireworks vinyl order had been submitted, they contacted me informing me that the master didn’t work, while the whole time I figured production had started literally weeks before. I am not sure why it took 3 weeks to figure that out, but as of last week everything is fixed and good to go. This is going to push pre-orders back a few weeks, but we will keep you updated on when everything is going out. The package deal shirts, posters, records covers, and This Time Next Year CDs are all ready to go. We are also working on getting digital downloads out to pre-order customers before everything ships. We apologize for the delay and will keep everyone updated on a ship date as soon as we know! You can still pre-order both Fireworks – Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery 7″ and This Time Next Year – The Longest Way Home from,, and”

As stated by Run For Cover Records, which is home to other great bands such as Death Is Not Glamorous, The Agent and Sinking Ships.

This is the second 7″ that the punkrockband Fireworks is featured on in less than six months. At the end of April they released “Adventure, Nostalgia and Robbery”. With this 4-song 7″ EP, the Detroit based band came forward with a new approach on their succesformula. A must for every New Found Glory fan.

Starting July 28th, Fireworks and This Time Next Year will be touring all across the USA together, playing some dates on the Vans Warped Tour in the very special Bridge 9 tent.

Run For Cover Records website

Fireworks myspace

This Time Next Year myspace




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